Private Equity

"I have been a principal in hundreds of transactions large and small. I understand the complex issues of business and the capital requirements that especially come from lack of liquidity. I have one of the best global networks of family offices and funds. I am always looking for opportunities. "

General Advisory Services

"I have spent the better part of 35 plus years doing business around the globe. I have vast experience in both the private and public sectors at very high levels of general business. Time is money and I provide practical, rapid assessment that will allow you to make business decisions sooner rather than later."

Real Estate Development

"My knowledge comes from both the failures and successes that are not taught in a book, but actually learned by doing. My real estate experience as a principal allows me to be a great partner in commercial real estate projects. I am always looking for new opportunities in multi-family, single family or live, work play type developments."


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What Our Customers Think

MarkDagel has help me achieve my aim, he is reliable, trustworthy and also meet up time.Nikolas Brooten
When my friend told me about him, I never believe until I contact him and afterward, I believe his a good and reliable source.Coriss Ambady
There's never a good and reliable person like him, he work it our perfectly.Barclay Widerski
Nothing more to say than all thanks to Mark Dagel, he has uncovered an unacheive dream Elsie Spear

How We work

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